Protect Your SMB Clients from Data Breaches with Actifile - Uplevel's New Cybersecurity Partner!

February 17, 2023
Company Updates

At Uplevel, we talk a lot about cybersecurity and the risk of data breaches for the simple reason that these topics are the most important for our MSP partners. We hear about cyberthreats on a daily basis as we talk to MSPs. Moreover, new risks seem to arrive daily as do new privacy requirements and regulations that impact SMBs.

This month, we announced a new partnership with Actifle, the provider of a real time data security tool that, like the Uplevel solution, was developed specifically for MSPs.

Actifile protects sensitive and private data from malicious actors, theft and employee carelessness with a cloud-based solution that encompasses three main functions:

1) It locates sensitive data and maps risks in real time

2) It calculates financial penalties and liabilities of potential data leaks and ransomware attacks

3) It remediates data risks by applying automatic, transparent encryption of sensitive data.

These functions are implemented on stored data as well as incoming and outgoing data flows, across endpoints, cloud apps, 3rd party portals and even shadow IT systems. 

There are lots of things we like about Actifile. We see it as proactive, rather than “after the fact,” cyber protection, and as a comprehensive cybersecurity offering that can transform how MSPs protect their SMB clients’ data. We particularly like the way Actifile works non-intrusively, preemptively and silently in the background to protect against threats without requiring data security expertise from the MSP or end user. We also find the single pain of glass dashboard, compliance reporting and email alerts to be very user friendly. Last, but not least, Actifile is affordable for SMBs.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be providing more information on the Actifile solution we are now offering to MSPs, including by way of a joint Uplevel + Actifile webinar next month. In the meantime, you can learn more here.

Since we began, Uplevel has always prioritized security. The firewall capabilities of our gateways have historically been our strength. Over the years, we’ve continued to enhance our suite of offerings in the security area, for example with the addition of TransmosisOne endpoint protection software last year. This focus aligns with our MSP partners, most of which are adding cybersecurity capabilities while some are even transitioning to MSSPs. 

You can reach out to us to learn more about building a stronger cybersecurity foundation for your clients and about the Uplevel – Actifile partnership in particular.

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