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Built-in Active Directory™ Compatible Domain Controller

Domain Controller

Small businesses that require centralized authentication and policy management often find this to be quite expensive. On-premises Active Directory servers require a substantial hardware platform, and come with onerous licensing overhead. Cloud-based (Azure) Active Directory is principally intended for single-sign-on to cloud applications, and does not satisfy the policy management needs of different regulatory environments.

The Uplevel gateway solves this by integrating a complete on-premises Active Directory compatible Domain Controller into the gateways. The domain controller is backed up with significant cloud intelligence to greatly simplify configuration and management. The Uplevel domain controller is compatible with Windows Professional, MacOS, Android and iOS devices, and allows domain joins and user logins without having to install any agents or modify the workstations. Further, it supports the powerful policy management capabilities of standard Windows Active Directory servers, and enables the MSP to implement the same centralized policies (GPOs) for user management and security.

The gateway domain controller is controlled and managed from our cloud infrastructure, and domain databases are always backed up to the cloud. This greatly speeds up recovery from disasters; a replacement gateway automatically downloads the entire domain from the cloud and resumes operation. Further, the Uplevel domain controller is fully integrated with the other functions of the gateway (e.g., storage, DNS, VPNs, etc), and tremendously simplifies the MSP's task. Setting up and provisioning a small business domain is a matter of a few mouse clicks and takes just minutes.

Product Specifications

Business-class domain management
  • Supports up to 1000 users (UG-208)
  • Supports user and workstation authentication control, Organizational Units (OUs), and Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for centralized policy management
  • Fully compatible with standard Windows Professional and MacOS workstations, as well as Android and iOS handheld devices
  • Enables straightforward compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements
Multi-site capable
  • Comprehensive DNS and caching architecture enables users at any site to join the domain via integrated site-to-site VPN
  • Supports up to 31 remote offices
  • Handles GPOs and drive mapping across all sites with centralized policy administration
  • Cloud controlled for simple but robust domain control and management
  • Cloud portal simplifies configuration to meet HIPAA requirements
  • Domain database, sysvol, policies, and Kerberos tickets automatically backed up to the cloud for rapid disaster recovery

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