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Uplevel's Secure Remote Worker Gateway provides the flexibility that today's workforce needs, by enabling them to work from home / anywhere, while protecting from vulnerable devices like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, cameras etc., typically found on home networks.

Secure Remote Worker Solution

Coping With A Remote Workforce

Many SMBs need to allow employees to work remotely, and execute job-related tasks from home offices or co-working spaces. This exposes businesses to a wide range of security risks: malware, cracking exploits, ransomware attacks, and many types of phishing attempts. Meeting regulatory compliance (e.g., HIPAA or PCI-DSS) may be virtually impossible if employees are permitted to directly access business LANs from home networks. SMBs need convenient but secure remote worker solutions to cope with this problem.

Uplevel’s Secure Remote Worker Solution provides today’s workforce flexibility without compromising security. Businesses can now allow employees to work from home (or anywhere) while shielding themselves from insecure and vulnerable devices such as Smart TVs, gaming consoles, webcams, etc., found on home networks. MSPs serving these SMBs can enforce good security practices and maintain consistent security posture across the entire business - without having to make house calls.

Our Secure Remote Worker gateways extend the security perimeter created by the MSP at the business office into the employee homes, but without having to modify home internet devices or work with residential Internet providers. Employees self-install these gateways in less than 15 minutes with no changes to their current home network. The gateways automatically set up secure tunnels to the business office (either an Uplevel office gateway, or a third-party firewall), and allow employees to access business resources while remaining invisible to compromised devices on their home networks. An added advantage is that MSPs can manage the Secure Remote Worker gateways in the same way as regular office gateways, and enforce corporate security or access policies, without touching any home network equipment.

Product Specifications

Robust security
  • Isolate business devices - laptops, company issued phones etc. - from vulnerable employee-owned devices behind an enterprise-class firewall
  • Uplevel's proprietary "call-out" technology creates SSL tunnels to the cloud, eliminating the need to touch the home Internet router or get a static IP
  • Secure tunnels can be automatically set up to either an Uplevel enterprise device, or a third-party firewall at the business office
Business Continuity & Compliance
  • Low solution cost enables even the smallest businesses to maintain high security levels
  • Keeps businesses resilient against shutdowns or restrictions
  • Cost-effectively adapt to seasonal workforce changes using our subscription model
  • Ensures compliance to regulatory requirements without having to upgrade or touch home network equipment
Rapid setup and management
  • Employees can install and bring up the solution by themselves in less than 15 mins
  • Cloud-based configuration means that IT technicians do not have to visit homes
  • MSPs can easily view connected devices and restrict access to only authorized devices
  • Comprehensive reporting and audit logs allow MSPs to report usage to businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do I need for a Remote Office Setup?

This depends on the specific requirements of the business or company you are working for. Here are some of the things you would need for a Remote Office Setup-
1. Business Applications
2. Mobile Tools
3. Cloud Computing Technology
4. Unified Communications
5. Project Management Tools
6. Data Backup and Recovery
7. Network Security and Malware Protection

Can your solutions be accessed from my Office Workstation and Home Computer?

Yes, Uplevel’s Secure Remote Workers Solution can be accessed from your Office Workstation as well as your Home Computer.

How to keep our remote worker solution compliant with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS?

Customers who are attempting to become HIPAA compliant must engage a third-party HIPAA compliance auditor who will collaborate closely with them.
They must also be made aware of the risks associated with working from home in order to comply with PCI DSS as well as what they must do to maintain the security of the infrastructure supporting the processing of payment card data.
Some of the ways in which your remote worker solution can become compliant with PCI DSS are-
1. Through Data Transparency
2. By Securing your Data
3. By Restricting Access Rights
4. Giving Employee Training
5. By documenting and logging everything

Why choose Uplevel’s Secure Remote Worker Solution?

Uplevel’s Secure Remote Worker Solution is the easiest when it comes to setting it up as well as managing it. In fact, employees can install and operationalize the solutions by themselves in less than 15 minutes. Moreover, it is a scalable and comprehensive security solution that safeguards your workforce wherever they may be.

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