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Ethernet Switches

Enterprise-class Wired Connectivity
While Wi-Fi(tm) may be ubiquitous, small businesses also rely heavily on wired Ethernet connections. Some devices (desk phones, servers, specialized equipment, etc.) cannot use Wi-Fi at all, and require a wired connection.

Uplevel's Ethernet switch family makes supporting robust, high-performance wired connectivity a no-brainer. A full selection of 8-port, 24-port and 48-port switches (with Gigabit and 10 Gigabit uplinks) allows any business scenario to be cost-effectively supported. Uplevel switches are fully VLAN-capable and cloud-managed. They are automatically detected and provisioned when plugged into a gateway, or another switch. VLAN trunks between switches are automatically configured to support the different subnets and virtual networks - no manual intervention needed! This makes building out even the most complex LAN 'plug-and-play'.

Uplevel switches also detect Uplevel APs, and bring up trunks to support secure Wi-Fi SSIDs. All Uplevel Ethernet switches support Power over Ethernet (PoE+) with up to 30 watts of power output per port, and enough capacity to power a typical PoE device on every port. This eliminates the hassle of determining the power budget and dealing with frustrating issues when PoE limits are exceeded. Also, PoE can be controlled remotely from the cloud portal, making it simple and quick to 'bounce' a misbehaving phone or AP.

Product Specifications

Enterprise-class equipment
  • 8-, 24- and 48-port switches designed for business usage
  • PoE+ on every port, with between 55 watts and 410 watts capacity depending on switch size
  • Dedicated uplinks to simplify switch cascading and stacking
Fully VLAN-capable
  • Automatic VLAN configuration maintains security for simple regulatory compliance and traffic separation, and eliminates "VLAN leakage"
  • Both user-configurable and automatic trunk ports for special applications (e.g., VoIP)
Seamless integration with Uplevel APs and Gateways
  • Automatic trunks established when AP, switches and gateways are connected to each other in any pattern
  • Cloud intelligence creates true "software-determined LAN" functions
  • Simplifies installation and provisioning

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