Hardware Products

Uplevel hardware products support the performance and security required for modern Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). They are installed on-site at the customer office, but are controlled and monitored from the cloud to support capabilities beyond simple stand-alone networking products. Hardware products comprise Gateways (firewalls), Switches and Wi-Fi Access Points, which support all of the needs of virtually all SMBs.


Uplevel Gateways are powerful and compact multi-functional appliances providing everything a small business needs for LAN infrastructure. All Uplevel Gateways can be swapped for each other within minutes, making it easy to adapt the infrastructure to changing requirements.



With a full selection of 8-, 24- and 48-port PoE+ switches, including 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Uplevel's auto-configuring VLAN switch family makes wired Ethernet connectivity a no-brainer.


Wi-Fi APs

Uplevel's multi-SSID Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (APs) are built from industrial strength components and proprietary firmware, and scale from a small office with a single AP to buildings with dozens or hundreds of APs.


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