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Wi-Fi™ Access Points

Business-class Wireless

Wi-Fi is core to all businesses of any size today. Using cheap, residential-class Wi-Fi equipment results in employee complaints, lost productivity, and a poor user experience. Uplevel Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) are built from industrial strength components with proprietary firmware to maximize reliability and performance. Our APs are designed to scale from a small office with a single AP to large buildings or complexes with dozens or hundreds of APs.

Uplevel APs also keep up with technological advances in the enterprise Wi-Fi industry. They support the most recent Wi-Fi 6 standards, with greatly increased throughput and range. Further, both indoor and outdoor APs are available. All APs are supplied with suitable mounting hardware, and support Power over Ethernet (PoE) operation, for simple layout and installation.

Uplevel APs are immediately recognized by Uplevel switches and gateways, and automatically provisioned, upgraded, configured and brought on-line in minutes without user intervention. The intelligence built into the APs and other system components allows entire fleets of APs distributed over multiple offices to be managed with the same ease as a single AP. Automatic channel and power management simplifies AP placement and setup.

Product Specifications

Highly secure
  • Supports up to 8 SSIDs (virtual Wi-Fi networks) for segmentation and traffic isolation
  • Enforces WPA2 security with AES and strong key management
  • Automatically matches SSIDs to VLANs to prevent traffic 'leakage'
  • Fully isolated Guest network with bandwidth control to protect corporate data
Optimized Wi-Fi
  • All APs support dual-radio 2x2 MIMO hardware
  • RF power, channel assignment, etc can be handled automatically or manually
  • Wi-Fi scanning and client monitoring to track down 'rogue' devices and help troubleshoot
  • Wi-Fi 6 for improved bandwidth and range
Suitable for any environment
  • Indoor APs are compact and unobtrusive (no external antennas) to blend into office decor
  • Outdoor APs are IP65-rated with high-gain antennas for long range
  • Indoor APs support ceiling/wall mounting and outdoor APs support pole/wall mounting (hardware supplied with devices)
  • All APs support PoE operation for simple cabling

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Wi-Fi access point the same as a Wi-Fi Booster?

A Wireless Access point is a wireless networking device that allows wireless devices and networks to connect through a wired network using wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi. While a Wi-Fi Booster is a networking device used to extend the wireless network's coverage area.

Advantages of Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Access Points for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Here are the advantages of cloud-managed Wi-Fi Access Points for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses:

2.1. Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Access Points provide installation, setup, network management, and diagnosis through a single point of management.

2.2. Cloud networking solutions make it easier to manage the dynamic networking requirements of small and mid-sized businesses by providing a centralized interface and one-click self-servicing.

2.3. They are equipped with the highest security frameworks, ensuring very minimum business vulnerability.

2.4. SMBs can simply employ a cloud-managed solution for its security advantages and benefits rather than investing extra money in building a security framework for a network.

2.5. These wireless access points are automatically updated with the most recent firmware and security patches, increasing the security of your business.

Do I need a special router to use Wireless Access Points?

No, you do not need a special router to use Wireless Access Points. Wireless Access Point converts the wired network into a wireless network. And for this, the Access Point is connected to a router which is connected to the wired network.

Why choose Uplevel System’s Secure Wireless Access point?

Uplevel Systems’ Secure Wireless Access Point is built from industrial strength components and optimized firmware to increase capacity and offer seamless mobility. It has a fully isolated Guest network with bandwidth control.

It has the capability to manage fleets of Wi-Fi APs across multiple offices from a single pane of glass. In addition, it has a super powerful, long-range IP65-rated outdoor AP for external coverage.

Things to know before choosing the best wireless access point for Business

Here are a few things to know before choosing the best wireless access point for business  - 

1. Range: The range that a wireless access point can cover is a crucial factor, therefore choosing a WAP that can provide a more extensive coverage area is more advantageous for businesses. 

2. Price: It’s not necessarily true that the higher the price, the better the wireless access point. In order to avoid being duped by false advertising effects, it is, therefore, necessary to have a comprehensive grasp of the true performance of wireless APs.

3. Speed: The speed at which information moves, which is typically expressed in bps (bits per second), kilobits, megabits, or gigabits also needs to be taken into consideration.

4. Antenna:  It is preferable to choose a wireless AP with a booster antenna when making a purchase.

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