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Build a reliable IT infrastructure that never lets your clients down. Literally.

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Protect corporate offices from potentially compromised home devices like Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

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Not Today! Instant-recovery snapshots. Solid Virtual Private Networks. Advanced firewall features.


At your service with a 24 hour product replacement guarantee.

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Comprehensive IT Infrastructure as a Service Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

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My client was delighted with my prompt response and getting them back up and running. This level of support is what our industry needs more of. Forever grateful!
Bob Szanto
Team Work Systems
DanTech Services logo
"Migrating to Uplevel addressed the customer's full Active Directory needs."
Mike Vickers
Service Support Manager
Hoku Foods logo
"We just plugged it in and it worked"
Erik Pendleton
Hoku Foods Natural Market, HI
Blue Reef Technologies logo
"Our approach wouldn't have worked without the service response time and expertise we get from the Uplevel team."
Mike Dutcher
Blue Reef Networks
Strix Louisiana logo
“Everything just worked."
David DeArmond
Strix LA
CPC .tech logo
"The Uplevel solution is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that need Active Directory services."
Mike DiNapolis
Gulf Coast Computer Solutions
Florida Network logo
"Uplevel is easy to deploy, the dashboard is very simple, and the support is awesome"
Sebastian Jimenez
Florida Networx
CSP Technologies logo
"Uplevel gave us a reliable, stable, and affordable way to refresh every piece of network hardware."
Chris Plouffe
CSP Technologies
TeamLogic IT logo
"Acquisitions don't just expand a company's customer base and core competencies, they also expand its attack surface."
Dan Thomas
TeamLogic IT of Durham, NC
TechSystems USA
"We've been using Uplevel for a while now, so when we got next to no support from Ubiquiti, we just decided to go with Uplevel and see how that worked."
Nick Athanassov
TechSystems USA
TeamLogic IT logo
"The client was experiencing frequent issues with email, VMs not booting up properly, hardware failures, and frequent power outages."
Eric Summers
Teamlogic IT of Des Moines
Hive logo
"With Uplevel, we have no upfront cost for purchasing hardware, and we still have the functionality we need."
Casey Lund
VP of Technology
Hive Technology
TeamLogic IT logo
"The Uplevel solution with integrated Wi-Fi, NAS, security, and support for power over Ethernet (PoE) fit really well and let us move very quickly."
Mike Schwartz
Teamlogic IT of Kearny Mesa
Office team members in a meeting

One powerful system integrates all necessary SMB IT infrastructure functions - see for yourself!

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