Advanced Services

Uplevel offers a complete suite of software services that provides all of the security, access and data storage needs for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Services run on dedicated hardware engines within Uplevel gateways and APs, but are controlled and managed from the cloud for advanced intelligence, simplified management, and better security.

Advanced services comprise Active Directory(tm), storage/backup, advanced firewall functions, site-to-site and remote access VPNs, and QoS capabilities similar to Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs)


Uplevel firewalls handle both internal and external security, with cloud management keeping patches, signature updates, and configuration simple and hassle-free.


Domain Controller

Active Directorytm does not have to be expensive or complex! Uplevel integrates a complete on-premises Active Directory compatible Domain Controller into the gateways, with significant cloud intelligence for easy configuration, management, and reliability. Offer your customers the powerful policy management capabilities of standard Windows Active Directory services without any of the steep learning curve.


Storage & Backup

Provide your customers with terabytes of on-site data storage with a few clicks, and protect valuable data from ransomware attacks, accidental or malicious deletion and unforeseen catastrophes just as easily. Meeting regulatory compliance has never been simpler with our AES-encrypted storage and backup. And we do the restores for you in case of disasters!



Single-click site-to-site VPNs eliminate the need to decipher arcane IPsec terminology, and set up remote access VPNs (with MFA) for your customers' employees in seconds. Our versatile, cloud-mediated and AES-encrypted VPN connections eliminate the need to buy static IPs for your customers!



All Uplevel gateways support dual WAN connections with intelligent QoS-aware route management, enabling QoS-enhanced load-balancing, fast automatic failover, automated VoIP QoS with bandwidth reservation, and automatic adaptation of routing and VPNs to WAN changes. This lets you provide most of the key features of Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) to your customers at a fraction of the cost - and with no learning curve.


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