Routing & WAN product and diagram

Switching, Routing, DHCP, DNS

Infrastructure Essentials

Services such as switching, routing, DHCP, and DNS are fundamental to all LAN and WAN infrastructure but are frequently overlooked. Failure of any of these services causes the entire network to come down and the business to stop functioning ("The Internet Is Down").The Uplevel gateways focus on making all of these easy-to-use, secure, and robust. Furthermore, it performs most of the mundane but error-prone infrastructure configuration tasks automatically, eliminating inadvertent manual errors, improving customer satisfaction, and freeing the MSP to work on more complex (and customer-visible) projects.

Since the Uplevel gateway brings so many different services under one hood, it is able to greatly simplify system setup and operation. For example, VLAN switching is interwoven throughout the system, allowing automatic assignment of Wi-Fi SSIDs, firewall rules, DHCP pools, routing table entries, VPN tunnels, advanced firewall configurations, storage shares, and even diagnostics functions. In fact, VLANs are used as security groups, allowing MSPs to focus on the high-level 'big picture' view of how to best manage security for the business. This approach allows powerful enterprise-class features to be integrated while still keeping the system intuitive and easy to use.

Product Specifications

Switching and routing
  • Full support for multi-site VLANs, VLAN trunks, and traffic separation
  • Routing functions automatically tied to VLANs across offices
  • VLAN configurations automatically pushed to cascaded switches and APs to eliminate 'VLAN leakage' and ensure security
  • Built-in industry-standard ISC-DHCP server for robust, flexible DHCP pools
  • Built-in industry-standard BIND9 DNS server for state-of-the-art DNS service
  • Both DHCP and DNS configured automatically on setup, but can be modified for special setups or to match existing installations

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