Powerful, right-sized,  highly integrated gateways provide security, storage, LAN/WAN and management for any size of small business

Uplevel Gateways

The Uplevel Gateway is a powerful, compact multi-functional appliance that forms the core of a small business on-site infrastructure. It provides security, routing, traffic management, connectivity, storage and directory services, integrated in a variety of hardware form factors to fit any need. All Uplevel Gateways (except for the UG-204 SOHO device) contain the same functions and can be swapped for each other within minutes, making it easy to adapt the infrastructure to changing customer requirements. The Gateway also manages on-premises devices such as switches and Wi-Fi APs.
Secure Remote Worker Gateways

UG 102

The UG-102 is our midrange Gateway, suitable for customer sites ranging up to 99 employees.


Designed for Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) and Remote Worker applications, the UG-204 is very compact but quite powerful.


The UG-205 is also intended as a midrange system, serving sites with up to 125 employees.

UG-206 PRO

For businesses with larger offices of up to 250 employees, the UG-206 provides a significant boost in performance and scalability, but remains compact and easily installed.

UG-207 PRO 10G

The UG-207 supports the same performance and features of the UG-206, but additionally provides dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed trunks to servers and Ethernet switches.

UG-208 MAX

Very large offices with up to 1000 employees in one location can be served by the UG-208, which can sustain the performance and storage capacity needed.

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