Why Uplevel NAS is Your Business's Best Bet to Secure Your Data?

May 20, 2024
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Imagine entering your office, and booting up your system, only to discover that your entire business data is gone! It's everyone’s nightmare. Consoltech says almost 70% of small businesses close within a year of experiencing a major data loss(1). Data loss might seem like an inevitable occurrence but what you do to prevent it matters now more than ever.

That's why businesses are turning to network-attached storage (NAS) for a centralized, secure, and scalable data storage solution. In this article, we'll look at why NAS is crucial for safeguarding your data, as well as which NAS solutions stand out in the market. But first, let’s learn more about the NAS solution.

What is NAS?

NAS, short for network-attached storage, is a hardware system linked to a local area network. A NAS system is like having your private cloud right in your office. It allows authorized users to store and access data from a centralized location. NAS offers flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to effortlessly expand their storage capacity as needed, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Here’s why NAS is perfect for SMBs:

  • NAS systems are easy to operate, eliminating the need for a dedicated IT professional. 
  • Compared to traditional storage solutions, NAS is more affordable and offers better value for money. 
  • With NAS, your data is always accessible when needed, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind.
  • It excels at centralizing data storage safely and reliably—no more scattered storage arrangements.
  • Since NAS is like a private cloud, data can be accessed remotely via a network connection. 

Uplevel NAS: The Champion for Business Data Security

When it comes to protecting your business data, don't settle for less than Uplevel. With numerous NAS solutions flooding the market, choosing the right NAS can be confusing. However, when you choose Uplevel, you're choosing more than just a NAS – you're choosing peace of mind, reliability, and unparalleled data protection.

Here’s what sets Uplevel NAS apart from the pack:

1. Comprehensive Data Protection

Uplevel NAS offers a comprehensive approach to data protection by integrating cloud backup and local snapshots. This ensures that business-critical files are continuously backed up and easily recoverable in the event of data loss or ransomware attacks.

2. Military-Grade Encryption 

A simple data breach might cripple your business. Uplevel NAS helps avoid this by employing full AES encryption to safeguard data, both at rest and in transit. Moreover, Uplevel NAS is HIPAA compliant, meeting stringent regulatory requirements and providing peace of mind for businesses handling sensitive information.

3. Rapid Recovery Guarantee

In the unfortunate event of a catastrophic failure, Uplevel NAS provides rapid recovery. The IT team transfers all data from the cloud to the replacement NAS using a high-speed fiber connection, guaranteeing restoration within 24 hours. This minimizes downtime and ensures business continuity.

4. Scalability and Flexibility

Uplevel NAS is designed to grow with your business. Its scalable architecture allows businesses to easily expand storage capacity as needed without sacrificing performance or reliability. Whether your business experiences rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations in data storage requirements, Uplevel NAS can adapt to meet your evolving needs.

5. Enhanced Security and Compliance

Uplevel NAS stands out for its seamless integration with firewall and router functions, improving security and compliance measures. By assigning NAS to different security groups, businesses can implement compliance requirements and ensure sensitive data, such as payroll information, remains inaccessible to unauthorized personnel.

Furthermore, Uplevel NAS integrates with Active Directory controllers, automating share mapping to user desktops and assigning proper permissions to folders, streamlining data management, and maintaining security measures across the network. This integration ensures that VPN users receive the same level of isolation and security as local users, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.

Uplevel NAS vs. Western Digital: A Clear Choice for Data Security

Remember, that not all NAS systems are created equal. While Western Digital (WD) NAS is a popular option, Uplevel NAS emerges as the clear champion when it comes to data security.  With rapid replacement, hassle-free integration with firewall and Active Directory functions, and complete backup solutions, Uplevel reduces the risk of data loss and minimizes downtime. In contrast, Western Digital NAS lacks these critical features, leaving businesses vulnerable to prolonged disruptions and significant losses in productivity.

Don't settle for a NAS solution that leaves your data exposed. Choose Uplevel NAS and experience the ultimate data security advantage, ensuring your business data remains safe, secure, and accessible – always.

Ready to protect your business data with Uplevel NAS? Contact our experts today to learn how Uplevel NAS can protect your valuable data and keep your business running smoothly.

About Uplevel Systems

Uplevel Systems is a small business IT infrastructure provider that sells exclusively through managed service providers. Uplevel’s subscription offering is the most popular with SMBs, but some prefer Uplevel’s new equipment purchase program and use a CapEx model.