How FreedomVoice and Uplevel are helping Small Business Phone Solutions

Robin Livesay
March 23, 2020
Industry Commentary

Today, SMBs rely on their IT service provider for just about everything. If it’s plugged into the wall, beeps, lights up, flashes or crashes, the MSP owns it! MSPs allow the business owner to focus on growing the business instead of managing equipment. MSPs install, monitor, analyze and fix equipment critical to business operation.

The freedom voice phone system is no different – with VoIP becoming more commonplace, phone systems are just another endpoint on the network. Bringing phones into the ecosystem create a cohesive, functioning environment for customers and allow MSPs to proactively protect against issues.

Unlike some other network issues, phones showcase their issues in plain site, accompanied by pain. When a phone isn’t working properly customers are the first to feel the frustration of a dropped call, or the inability to hear a customer. But, for a well oiled MSP and the use of an Uplevel's secure remote worker gateway a fully managed network can mean quickly diagnosing issues, or preventing them entirely. And for the customer, providing reliable phone quality means their phones and other network devices “just work” as they should. To learn how FreedomVoice is changing customers phone experience here…

Why are SMBs embracing VoIP systems from their MSPs?

1. Cost Saving

For small businesses time, frustration, and… well money, is MONEY! Saving costs in every place possible is often the difference in paying a annual/quarterly bonus – or not. With VoIP phone system, just like Uplevel, SMBs save on both the initial capital expense, and also the monthly recurring charges. Meaning a lower capital expense (CapX) and operating expense (OpX) to required equipment for business operations.

Freedom Voice provides any required physical phone at no up front charge, similar to Uplevel’s model. That’s right! The initial investment or CapX for the phone equipment is ZERO dollars, just like the network hardware costs. Comparing this to a traditional phone system where with large initial hardware costs means customers are often locked into their vendor from a sheer financial prospective. By removing the upfront hardware costs FreedomVoice has lowered the barrier of entry down to zero, allowing customers the financial freedom to feel confident in their choice.

Traditional phone system costs can easily fluctuate from month to month with call volume making cost unpredictable. With all-inclusive pricing at a low fixed monthly rate, FreedomVoice is providing small businesses with an ‘always-the-same’ monthly bill without any surprises. Including… Unlimited long distance calls! With FreedomVoice monthly costs never change, and customers can rest easily knowing a busy phone month does not mean a higher phone bill.

2. Flexibility and Scalability

With working environments growing their remote presence and requiring malleability in their infrastructure, VoIP systems along with Uplevel’s scalable network model are both providing the valuable flexibility and scalability businesses need over traditional infrastructure. Additional phones, just as access points and switches, can be added to the business environment easily, and at no up-front costs.

So, as your business grows, your infrastructure can grow with it, without hurting your wallet. Phones can span across one or many offices, including home offices! So the site-to-site deployments can easily be configured both with Uplevel and Freedom Voice. No need for a truck roll or an onsite technician to set it up. Phones, like Uplevel gateways, can be pre-configured and ready to use when it arrives. Simply plug everything in to the network and start making calls.

3. Mobility

Move your phone hardware into the 21st century and use it on the GO! With the Freedom Voice‘s mobile app, you are able to coordinate calls straight from your cellphone. Forward team member calls, send text messages to customers and respond to voicemail all within the app – just like you were in the office, or even, on your cell phone!

According to data from the Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs Employers with fewer than 100 workers accounted for 98.2% of the US market. With MSPs being the reliable network infrastructure manager of SMBs FreedomVoice and Uplevel are providing a complete phone and networking solution that fits directly into their service model and removes customer’s phone frustration. Making deployments easy and solutions scalable all at a cost effective price has turned into a no-brainer for MSPs to add to their portfolio. Learn how FreedomVoice is changing customers phone experience here…

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About Uplevel Systems

Uplevel Systems, as a small business IT infrastructure managed service provider, enables any of these options. Uplevel’s subscription offering is the most popular with SMBs, but some prefer Uplevel’s new equipment purchase program and use a CapEx model.