Secure Worker Gateway product and diagram

Uplevel's Secure Remote Gateway provides the flexibility that today's workforce needs, by enabling them to work from home / anywhere, while protecting from vulnerable devices like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, cameras etc., typically found on home networks.

Product Specifications

  • Isolate business devices - laptops, company issued phones etc., from vulnerable employee-owned devices.
  • Uplevel's proprietary "call-out" technology creates SSL tunnels to the cloud, which eliminates the need to touch the Internet provider router or get a static IP.
  • Secure VPN tunnels are automatically set up to either an Uplevel enterprise device or a third-party firewall at the business office.
Business Continuity & Compliance
  • With the evolving hybrid model of working from home a few days of the week, seamless access to corporate data and files is essential to maintain business continuity
  • Regulatory requirements apply even if you are working from home and Uplevel's solution ensures compliance.
Easy to Setup and Manage
  • Employees can install and operationalize the solution by themselves in less than 15 mins.
  • VPN tunnels are automatically set up without requiring IT technicians to visit homes.
  • MSPs can manage the home gateway just like any other gateway on their corporate network.

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