Our Story

Uplevel Systems was founded in 2015 with the vision of helping IT consultants that serve small businesses deliver better solutions with greater ease and profitability. This vision emerged because, as networking industry veterans, our friends and relatives running small companies were constantly coming to us for unofficial IT expertise.

We didn’t mind helping (much), but had become frustrated by the fact that there were only two choices: Set our friends up with a hodge-podge of “consumer grade” devices that lacked functionality, reliability, and security—or—have them over-invest in “enterprise grade” requiring ongoing support (by us).

We set about creating a better way. First, we developed an integrated services infrastructure that delivers the precise technology infrastructure small businesses need, at a price they can afford. Next, we determined the ideal delivery model: Managed services provided by local IT consultants who already serve and understand the needs of small business.

We created a hybrid model combining onsite equipment for robust functionality, and cloud-based management that frees IT consultants to rapidly grow their business by providing more services to more clients in less time, and with far fewer site calls.

And now we are signing up new partners every day. See how we can help you take your IT business to the next level!

Leadership Team

Tom Alexander, CEO

Tom Alexander sits on multiple industry panels defining the next generations of Wi-Fi, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and other technologies, and is a renowned inventor holding dozens of patents.

A serial technology innovator and entrepreneur, Tom has led two previous startups to highly successful outcomes during the past two decades. While serving as a Principal Architect at Bit, Inc., he led the company through the launch of the industry’s first fully integrated 8-port Ethernet switch to utilize a Network Processing Unit. After PMC-Sierra acquired Bit, Tom served as the Chief Architect. Later, he helped lead VeriWave in creating the Wi-Fi infrastructure test market and through its subsequent acquisition by Ixia in 2012.

At Uplevel, Tom’s vision again plays a pivotal role in identifying and developing high-growth markets, and ideating and executing an aggressive business plan. His role as CEO once again includes building a core management team, driving efforts to secure funding, and delivering on the company’s growth and technology strategies.


Tom Alexander

Glenn Chagnot, VP of Marketing


Glenn Chagnot

An “out of the box” thinker and cross-functional leader, Glenn brings more than two decades industry experience to bear on piloting Uplevel’s go-to-market strategy. Having begun his career as an engineer building electronic warfare systems, he progressed to leading the development of SmartBits technology at Netcom Systems, ultimately transitioning to play a leadership role in product management.

He held high-profile product management roles at Spirent Communications and worked closely with customers such as Cisco, Juniper, and Brocade before joining Wi-Fi test startup VeriWave as Chief Architect in 2008. This role spanned sales and marketing along with product and market development through the introduction of VeriWave’s industry-changing products. Upon the acquisition of the company by Ixia Communications, Glenn continued to lead cross-functional teams that introduced breakthrough products in Wi-Fi, test, and network visibility.

Glenn’s role at Uplevel includes market and brand development, corporate and product marketing, strategies, and partner recruitment and enablement.

Sergey Rathon, Product Architect

With more than 20 years’ industry experience, Sergey excels at delivering the “wow factor” to customers, beginning with a common-sense focus on the user interface and experience. Previous achievements include spearheading delivery of a wide range of technology solutions including geoinformation systems (GIS) for the oil industry, IP performance testing at Spirent Communications, accounting software at Thomson Reuters, employee management systems at Six Flags, and media servers and gateways at Prodea Systems.

At Uplevel, Sergey applies strong focus on customer usage models, from product and service design through partner recruitment and enablement, sales, marketing, and support.


Sergey Rathon

Christopher A. DeMonico, Board of Directors


Christopher A. DeMonico

Mr. DeMonico has over 35 years of experience in the high-tech sector most recently serving as the CEO of wireless start-up company VeriWave Inc. which was acquired by Ixia Communications. Prior to VeriWave, Mr. DeMonico held various positions including, Vice President of AT&T’s- Microelectronics Group and Vice President of Lucent Technologies- IC Group. In addition he was Vice President and Corporate Officer at communications chip company PMC-Sierra. He began his career at Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas where he held management positions in TI’s VLSI Product Group and Defense Electronics Group. Mr. DeMonico serves as a Director on a number of boards, and holds advisory positions with non-profit organizations and Universities.

Kellie Vavrosky, Technical Advisory Board

Kellie brings a high level of expertise in financial and operational strategies, as well as more than 20 years of experience with companies of various sizes and in various phases of growth. Kellie is currently CFO of a professional services firm with $100m in revenue. She oversees IT as well as finance and accounting and is responsible for balancing the company’s, employees’, and investor’s needs with achievement of long-range goals. In addition to experience in professional services, she has led finance in hardware, software and SaaS based startups. Kellie was recognized as CFO of the Year by the Portland Business Journal in 2011 after her first CFO role at VeriWave, Inc. In addition to implementing sound financial planning and procedures, Kellie’s executive role in these companies enabled her to raise equity and debt financing, serve on management teams involved with developing new process and procedures, and provide high-level counsel to CEOs.

Kellie Vavrosky