“The Uplevel solution with integrated Wi-Fi, NAS, security, and support for power over Ethernet (PoE) fit really well and let us move very quickly. We just installed the Uplevel router and they had service right away with no capital investment required by us or by the customer.”

Mike Schwartz
Owner, TeamLogic IT of Kearny Mesa

“Including Uplevel automatically made it a managed service, but it also made the model work for the client. We were able to bundle the cost of the initial installation into the monthly subscription to avoid upfront cost which they found very compelling. It was not a tough sell.”

“We were going to control the NAS, firewalls and wireless remotely either way but now we do it all using one easy interface,” Schwartz says. “Our technicians don’t need to go out to different sites all the time and we’re investing less management time in the long run.”

While Schwartz estimates the initial solution combining shared storage, firewall capabilities, and a commercial grade wireless router would have taken his team roughly 12 hours to configure, services powered by the Uplevel solution were up and running in about 4 hours.

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“Everything just worked…”
David DeArmond
Owner, Strix LA

“Our profit model is completely based on how quickly we accomplish the goals we set out to achieve. The longer we spend deploying new equipment, or fixing existing gear, the more it eats into our profitability. Having a solution that’s virtually plug and play that we can configure in minimal time allows us to recoup our investment faster, and often using less specialized

With its client’s firewall licenses about to expire, Strix installed Uplevel at two of the company’s sites. “We got the devices out in the field and it all came up with minimal effort,” DeArmond recalls. “Everything just worked.”

“Our managed services have always included the networking equipment as part of the subscription, so clients don’t have to invest capital upfront in order to upgrade their technology. Uplevel’s all-in subscription model means that we don’t have to invest heavily in equipment and licenses at the outset to support our customer engagement model.”

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“The ultimate sign of a true ‘win-win’ is that everybody wants to do more.”

Kyle Brown
Owner, Sentinel Tech

“We were able to create a site-to-site VPN linking smaller offices to the main site to give them access to the NAS so they could easily share files. We can segment nodes out by VLAN so they’re not touching the main network. Control over guest Wi-Fi access also improved”

“We also looked at installing a firewall at each location but the Uplevel solution was more turnkey, required less configuration and less ‘care and feeding’ than the other option. We also estimated the costs over time and ultimately went with Uplevel.”

“The ultimate sign of a true ‘win-win’ is that everybody wants to do more. This particular client is onboarding a bunch of new properties, which means more things to fix, so we will be expanding the Uplevel solution to an additional seven sites“

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