Uplevel helped TeamLogicIT empower The Michael L. Larson Company[A Case Study]

Uplevel’s Secure Remote Worker Gateway helped the well-regarded accounting firm to not go back to work, while ensuring cybersecurity at all access points.

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Uplevel helps MSPs protect clients while empowering their workforce.

Secure Remote Worker Gateway helps Managed Services Providers (MSPs) manage the home gateway just like any other gateway on the corporate network.

Uplevel’s Secure Gateway Helps With:

Home devices

Securing company-issued
devices from vulnerable home devices

VPN automatically

Setting up secure VPN automatically
to Uplevel enterprise device

Regulatory requirements

Enabling compliance to regulatory
requirements even at home

SSL tunnels

Creating SSL tunnels
to the cloud

Corporate data essential

Providing seamless access to corporate
data essential for business continuity

Empowering employees

Empowering employees with a DIY setup that takes less than 15 minutes

Believe it when you see it.

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