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Uplevel Systems and ActiFile Join Forces to Secure Sensitive Data from External Threats

February 15, 2023

Encryption, monitoring and remediation for small businesses provided through MSPs

Tigard, OR and Herzliya, Israel. February 15, 2023 –
Uplevel Systems has teamed up with Actifile to safeguard business customers from data loss as the fight against malicious cyber threats continues to escalate. Actifile is a user-friendly, intuitive, proactive and comprehensive solution to defend any organization’s sensitive data.

Actifile’s cloud-based software patrols IT systems like an invisible watchdog to protect data from leakage due to negligence or bad actors. With Actifile, every organization has the tools needed to quickly locate and secure critical data such as customer files, financials and R&D information. Actifile works by auditing all the customer’s systems and remote devices, creating real time data maps. It then calculates potential financial penalties and liabilities associated with data loss. Using this information customers can assess their potential monetary and reputational risk, and instantly remediate critical vulnerabilities with a unique one-click process. 

Uplevel is known for reliable small business IT solutions that scale. With its Infrastructure-as-a-Service model, business customers use only what they need with a monthly subscription based service and no up front costs. Sold through MSPs, Uplevel enterprise class IT infrastructure provides security and compliance, including HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance, through its hardware gateways with firewall, storage, Active Directory, VPN and SDWAN capabilities. Uplevel’s management software allows employees to work from anywhere, and MSPs to manage their customers’ network continuously and remotely.

“Actifile is an ideal partner for Uplevel,” said Tom Alexander, CEO of Uplevel Systems. “Like us, they are laser focused on helping MSPs grow their businesses and transition to MSSPs. They are also a leading innovator in the data security space. Their model of combining data risk discover, risk quantification, monitoring and auditing, and remediation by encryption is comprehensive and unique in the industry.”

“Uplevel is great partner for Actifile,” said Guy Bavly, Co-founder and CEO of Actifile.” Uplevel is providing the kind of solutions that help MSPs flexibly and efficiently grow their business. They are also a leader in the infrastructure as a service segment, which is vital to any IT organizations growth, and especially for MSPs and MSSPs. Uplevel’s model, of combing hardware, management and security pre-configured solutions, is unique and fits Actifile’s business model in more than one way.”

Uplevel and Actifile together enable subscription-based 7/24 protection against data loss for small and medium-sized businesses that are supported by MSPs and MSSPs. This transformative combination reduces organizational risk and ensure compliance. Contact us today to find out how you can be protected from crippling regulatory penalties, expensive lawsuits, loss of customers, and negative publicity.

About Uplevel Systems

Founded on the premise that small business IT infrastructure is too complex, Uplevel Systems brings simplicity, profitability and efficiency to small businesses. With easy installation, no up front costs and reliable, cloud managed solutions, Uplevel is taking small business IT to the next level.  Contact us today to find out how SMBs are avoiding complexity by relying on Uplevel for their secure, scalable office and work from home IT network infrastructure.

About Actifile

Actifile is transforming how organizations manage data security. Our simple to use next generation software is democratizing data security. We are empowering every IT manager who previously depended on data security experts, with a comprehensive, cloud-based solution. Monitor all of your data on one platform and secure it with one click! Actifile Data Security Platform secures sensitive data from external threats and insiders using unique autonomous encryption, focusing on what is most important to you: data risk.