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Uplevel Systems‘ New IT Buying Model Empowers MSPs With Opex, Capex Options

Robin Livesay
August 7, 2020

Uplevel Systems is announcing an additional business model that lets managed service providers (MSPs) extend more and better options to clients. Uplevel’s new Equipment Purchase Program gives small- and medium-sized business customers two powerful options: buy Uplevel equipment outright, or buy Uplevel hardware and services on a pure subscription basis.

“Today, more than ever, businesses want choices in IT,” says Tom Alexander, CEO of Uplevel Systems. “Whether to buy equipment, or pay to use it as part of a monthly service subscription, should be just another choice. We’re making flexible options available so partners and customers can both choose the option that works best for their business model.”

Uplevel delivers services that solve clients’ greatest IT challenges – slow internet, poor phone service, cyberattacks, and secure remote access – through a nationwide network of MSP partners, via a combination of onsite hardware and cloud-based management. MSPs can manage customers’ IT infrastructure from anywhere on the device of their choice, and remotely turn on new revenue-generating features such as active directory service, remote backup, firewall functions, and site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs).

The New Equipment Purchase Program

Uplevel’s original “everything as a service” subscription model allows companies to use and update hybrid IT gateways with no upfront investment and without ever having to purchase equipment, maintenance contracts, or warranties. A three-year “evergreen equipment” option keeps clients current.

The newly added option to purchase allows customers to own Uplevel equipment outright, paying only standard maintenance and software services fees on a monthly or annual basis. The dual approach means customers can invest in their IT infrastructure as either an operational expense (“OpEx”) to minimize capital expenditures or as a capital expense (“CaPex”) to leverage depreciation and asset management.

“One size never fits all in IT and we’ve always been about making it easy for customers to add new features, new sites, new users at any time,” Alexander explains. “We’re just extending that flexibility to our equipment itself so partners can tell customers, ‘the choice is yours financially as well’.”

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About Uplevel Systems

Founded on the premise that small business IT infrastructure is too complex, Uplevel Systems brings simplicity, profitability and efficiency to small businesses. With easy installation, reliable, cloud managed solutions, and its unmatched work from home solution, Uplevel is taking small business IT to the next level. Contact us today to find out how SMBs are avoiding complexity by relying on Uplevel for their secure, scalable office and work from home IT network infrastructure.