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The Uplevel systems' cloud-managed firewall makes security and compliance easy by integrating everything needed for a modern business, and covering all the bases.

Uplevel Cloud Intelligence

The Uplevel platform combines the speed and performance of on-site hardware with the intelligence and flexibility of cloud services. This keeps the system smart and secure, but cost-effective for small businesses. Our cloud datacenters do the "heavy lifting" to make MSPs' lives simple and hassle-free, while keeping their customers secure and always working.

Product Specifications

Enhanced security
  • Keeps firewalls updated with the latest firmware, threat signatures, content blocking policies, etc.
  • Gathers, processes and stores detailed transaction data required for compliance auditing (e.g., HIPAA)
  • Automatically ensures consistent security posture across all sites for a customer and removes human errors leading to security holes
Adaptive intelligence
  • Measures link quality of service (QoS) for SD-WAN functions
  • Automatically reconfigures VPN trunks when WAN conditions change (e.g., ISP links go up or down)
  • Assists hardware gateways to automatically detect, provision and upgrade network devices such as switches and APs - no more manual provisioning
Reduced downtime
  • Maintains and backs up master copy of all device/service configurations - no need to make configuration backups or restore configurations when replacing devices
  • Maintains complete Active Directory backups and automatically restores domain to full running status after hardware replacement
  • Monitors devices in field and raises alerts and notifications for proactive maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Uplevel Systems for Managed Firewall Services?

Uplevel Systems’ Managed Firewall Services provides SMBs a robust, comprehensive enterprise-class network security, threat detection, and filtering to Small and Medium Businesses. In addition, they also provide 24/7 support and replacement with no questions asked.

What is the firewall program’s default configuration?

Uplevel Systems firewall has a built in IDS/IPS, Content/Domain Filtering, and Geo Filtering.  

What is Cloud Managed Firewall?

A cloud-managed firewall, like a regular firewall, is a security solution that filters potentially dangerous network traffic. Cloud-managed firewalls , as opposed to traditional firewalls, are hosted in the cloud.

Can a managed hardware firewall slow down my network speeds?

A managed firewall may reduce network speeds, but this is for a good reason. Bandwidth must be set aside to allow important security services to handle data packets as they enter the network, scanning, analyzing, and filtering data in real time.

What can firewalls protect against?

Firewalls are critical for safeguarding networks from Internet threats such as viruses, spam, intrusion attempts, ransomware, and malware. Depending on the security services provided by the firewall, the appliance can function as a content filter, a sandbox environment, a network management platform, and much more.

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