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Provisioning, Monitoring, Diagnostics

Single-pane-of-glass System Management At Your Fingertips

Powerful remote management and diagnosis capabilities are essential for avoiding expensive site visits and fixing issues rapidly. The Uplevel system contains an extensive management portal for MSPs to use for standard maintenance tasks: configuring gateways (and their associated switches and APs), provisioning and upgrading infrastructure elements, monitoring the health of the infrastructure, and running diagnostics for troubleshooting. The management portal "understands" all of the devices and services that are deployed at the customer site, and greatly reduces the workload. Also, the intuitive user interface eliminates the need for poring through manuals or remembering how to navigate the system to configure a function. This reduces the learning curve and enables new users to become productive quickly.

Firmware upgrades are extremely important for ensuring that the system is up-to-date with the latest bug fixes, security patches, and infrastructure features. However, upgrading firmware on a running customer system has long been somewhat of a gamble. Uplevel eliminates this entirely by performing all firmware upgrades itself (coordinating with the MSP, of course), and ensuring that the customer system comes back to normal operation after the upgrade is complete. Further, powerful auto-provisioning functions within the gateways automatically upgrade the switches and APs plugged into the LAN to the latest firmware version without manual intervention. This makes the task of keeping the system up-to-date a 'no-brainer', and simplifies complying with many regulatory requirements.

Product Specifications

  • System automatically ensures that all elements run the most up-to-date firmware
  • Eliminates security holes and operational issues due to mismatched versions and APIs
  • MSPs freed from burden of ensuring customer setups are always up-to-date
Remote management
  • Configure from phone, tablet or workstation using intuitive portal
  • Pre-configure customer setups even before installation
  • Remotely reboot gateways and APs, power-cycle phones via PoE, etc.
Remote diagnostics and monitoring
  • System monitors and alerts on >100 different parameters: WAN link, device health (temperature/voltage), storage, backup, security, etc.
  • Receive alerts when key devices (APs, switches, servers) disconnected or offline
  • Run diagnostics remotely to test Internet bandwidth, scan LAN/Wi-Fi, view top talkers, ping devices or servers, etc.

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