Routing & WAN product and diagram

Zero-learning-curve Management

Simple But Comprehensive Remote Management

Coming up to speed on configuring and managing an enterprise-class system usually takes a long time and much learning. Mistakes made during the learning process can compromise customer security or even bring the customer network down completely! The Uplevel platform eliminates all those issues with its powerful but highly straightforward management portal. No need to crack open a manual or resort to endless how-to guides; a new user is usually up to speed and productive in minutes. The intuitive user interface ensures that inadvertent mistakes cannot accidentally open security holes or crash customer systems.

Monitoring and management is entirely remote and cloud-based - no need to connect to equipment or install 'cloud keys'. Devices automatically appear on the portal as they are plugged in, and rewiring connections causes the portal to reflect the changes dynamically. In many cases, the Uplevel cloud infrastructure automatically reconfigures the system without human intervention needed. All of this reduces the burden of monitoring and maintaining customer infrastructure.

Product Specifications

Simple and easy-to-use
  • Straightforward configuration and management
  • Single-pane-of-glass dashboard: all services under one 'umbrella', and handled consistently
  • Services and devices 'know about each other', greatly reduces complexity
Works across devices & platforms
  • Consistent view from workstations, tablets, phones
  • Manage and diagnose customer systems from anywhere
  • Alerts and notifications can be sent to ticketing systems, e-mail, text, etc
Cloud-powered intelligence
  • Set up or modify system configuration at any time, even when the hardware is in transit to the customer
  • Primary configuration and all changes are recorded in long-term storage for recovery and compliance audit purposes
  • Greatly reduces time spent on routine tasks such as adding new hardware or bringing up a new office

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