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The storage built into the Uplevel gateway is encrypted and backed up to the cloud for simple and convenient restoration and protection from Ransomware.

Secure Cloud Backup Solutions at your Disposal

Important files are the foundation of every small or medium business - today’s businesses cannot function without immediate access to critical data. Frequent backups are crucial for defending against data loss brought on by hackers or natural disasters.

With Uplevel’s Cloud Backup solutions, businesses can store files and data without risk of loss, and set up offsite backups with a few clicks to support disaster recovery and archival storage.

Reinvent the Data Backup Experience with Uplevel's Cloud Storage Backup Solutions

The storage built into the Uplevel Gateway is fully encrypted, and offers multiple levels of enterprise-class backup. Protection from ransomware, accidentally deleted files, disasters, or compliance with regulatory requirements has never been simpler.

Zero-cost local read-only snapshots permit fast restore of deleted files or immediate recovery from a ransomware attack. Encrypted cloud mirroring permits full recovery from hardware failures or disasters. Finally, encrypted cloud archives allow unlimited, robust long-term storage to meet regulatory requirements. All this is built into the system, enabling a solid backup strategy to be implemented without any external appliances or infrastructure.

Product Specifications

Encrypted Storage
  • Either 1TB or of 5TB of storage built into office gateways.
  • Fully AES encrypted to guard against theft and loss.
  • Simple cloud management of network shares: create, delete or adjust shares at any time and from anywhere.
Integrated Security
  • Automatically configured firewall Access Control Lists limit access to storage based on security group.
  • Active Directory services allow per-user share access.
  • Security model carried through site-to-site VPN and remote access VPN, as well as LAN.
Comprehensive Backup
  • Zero-cost Local Snapshots defend against ransomware and allow recovery of deleted files or folders.
  • Encrypted cloud backup to guard against data loss or hardware failures, with included rapid replacement to minimize customer downtime.
  • Encrypted cloud archives for long-term storage or to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Extensive backup monitoring infrastructure to ensure that backups run reliably and correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does cloud backup keep my data safe?

The data you store with cloud service providers is actually safer than the data you have on your computer's hard drive. Hackers can use malware and phishing emails to lock up your computer’s storage, and demand a ransom to unlock it. Uplevel’s fully encrypted backup system is isolated from such attacks.

What are the benefits of secure cloud storage versus on-premise servers?

On-premises storage keeps data on a local hardware server. This offers fast access and eliminates the dependence on the Internet link, unlike pure cloud storage schemes that rely on the Internet. However, this has a high risk of data loss - a power surge or natural disaster can easily destroy the server and the data it contains. In addition, an on-premise server adds to cost, complexity and the need to manage yet more devices.

Uplevel’s storage offers the best of both worlds: the data is stored on-premises in the gateway itself, but fully backed up to the cloud. This provides a combination of speed, robustness and simplicity.

What happens if I accidentally delete something from cloud backup?

Since the Uplevel cloud backup system is read-only and not directly accessible, deletion is impossible.

Why choose Uplevel Systems for cloud backup solutions?

The Uplevel Systems cloud backup solutions help you guard against data loss, malicious attacks, or hardware failures. The encrypted on-device snapshots, cloud backup, and cloud archiving protect data while it is at rest and in transit.

The Uplevel 24-hour rapid replacement program also includes a copy of the backed-up data from the cloud prior to shipment, to minimize customer downtime. Uplevel also maintains an extensive backup monitoring infrastructure to ensure that backups run reliably and correctly, and any backup failures are promptly remediated without placing a burden on the MSP.

Can anyone besides me access my cloud backup files?

No. The cloud backup files are in fact not merely fully encrypted - so even if it were possible to access them, it would be impossible to decipher the data - but also isolated and accessible to only the Uplevel Systems infrastructure.

Since the infrastructure is locked down and protected by strong PKI cryptography and constantly updated security methods, hackers are unable to get at the data.

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