Storage & Backup product and diagram

The storage built into the Uplevel gateway is encrypted and backed up to the cloud for simple and convenient restoration and protection from Ransomware.

Product Specifications

Encrypted Storage
  • Either 1TB or of 5TB of storage built into office gateways.
  • Fully AES encrypted to guard against theft and loss.
  • Simple cloud management of network shares: create, delete or adjust shares at any time and from anywhere.
Integrated Security
  • Automatically configured firewall Access Control Lists limit access to storage based on security group.
  • Active Directory services allow per-user share access.
  • Security model carried through site-to-site and remote access VPN access, as well as LAN.
Comprehensive Backup
  • Zero-cost Local Snapshots defend against ransomware and allow recovery of deleted files or folders.
  • Encrypted cloud backup to guard against data loss or hardware failures, with included rapid replacement to minimize customer downtime.
  • Encrypted cloud archives for long-term storage or to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Extensive backup monitoring infrastructure to ensure that backups run reliably and correctly.

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