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Uplevel Helping MSPs and Their SMB Clients Impacted by COVID-19 Work from Home

Robin Livesay
March 23, 2020

SMBs Impacted by COVID-19 are Working from Home with the Help of Uplevel and their MSPs waiving fees for VPNs.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2020 — MEDIA ALERT: Uplevel Helping MSPs and Their SMB Clients Impacted by COVID-19 Work from Home

Waiving Fees for Activating Virtual Private Network (VPN) Capabilities; Secure Gateways Able to Be Set Up from Home

With the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak forcing thousands of employees to work from home, Uplevel Systems is making it easy for managed IT service providers (MSPs) to connect clients’ remote workers to company networks without going onsite. Uplevel, a provider of managed infrastructure services through a channel of MSPs, is waiving the cost of turning on virtual private network (VPN) functions through the end of May.

“Many small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are not set up to have employees work from home,” says Tom Alexander, CEO of Uplevel Systems. “Our MSP partners have simply drop-shipped our secure gateways to home offices and talked users through the setup. Customers don’t have to be IT experts, and MSPs don’t have to send techs onsite.”

Uplevel’s highly integrated network gateways include built-in firewall, storage and backup, Wi-Fi, domain management and SD-WAN capabilities. MSPs can configure gateways and active services remotely with Uplevel services provided on a pure subscription basis—with no upfront cost to purchase equipment.

“We sincerely hope waiving VPN fees will assist customers and partners looking to work remotely while keeping their employees safe and healthy,” says Alexander. “We are standing by to help our partners navigate through these challenging times and wish everyone the greatest speed in safely returning to normal once the crisis passes.”

MSPs nationwide can visit to apply to the Uplevel Partner Program