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Uplevel Systems Enhances Multi-site and Distributed Work-from-Home Capabilities

Robin Livesay
August 5, 2020

Version 4.0 brings security and simplicity to all businesses with multiple locations or distributed work-from-home employees

PORTLAND, OR, USA, July 19, 2020 — Uplevel Systems today announced a large increase in capacity of their cloud based IT infrastructure for SMBs. The new software and hardware supports advanced multi-site security functions, as well as remote network monitoring support. These capabilities enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help their customers navigate the dramatically changing world of small business today.

With this software release, Uplevel goes beyond its initial domain controller offering announced last December, to tie together multiple offices into a single domain, in order to authenticate computers and users, and centralize data and user permissions.

For the first time, an MSP can deploy a Microsoft-compatible Active directory domain services spanning multiple physical locations in a virtually ‘hands-off’ manner, and manage it completely from the cloud without setting foot in any location. Domains can even be extended securely and reliably into employees’ home offices if required. The new software handles all the configuration and management seamlessly “under the hood” to let MSPs deal with a distributed office.

In addition, the new software release integrates with device management and monitoring solutions like SolarWinds and Domotz, and enables real time network mapping and inventory management with Auvik.

The increased visibility and management capabilities are crucial for MSPs who may find it difficult to have the same level of “on-site” physical presence as before the pandemic. These capabilities not only make multi-office configurations more secure, but also reduce cost, time and complexity for resource constrained small business customers.

“Over these past few months, many small businesses and MSPs have asked: ‘how can we harden our work from home infrastructure without adding complexity or spending a lot of money?’,” explained Tom Alexander, CEO of Uplevel Systems. “We recommend a few key steps such as segregating their home office and non-home office network traffic, tying together home offices and main offices using secure site-to-site VPNs, and extending the corporate security policies into employees’ home offices.

This new release adds to our existing capabilities in these areas. Our customers are looking for easy ways to improve network security and stability during this time and we are continuing to provide it.”

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