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First Ever Hybrid Active Directory Compatible Domain Services Solution for SMBs

Robin Livesay
March 23, 2020

First Ever  Hybrid Active Directory Compatible Domain Services Solution for SMBs Uplevel’s Domain Services Offers an Easy, Secure, Affordable Alternative to Leading Microsoft Options

PORTLAND, OR, Dec. 17, 2019 – Uplevel Systems is introducing Active Directory compatible Domain Services, a hybrid alternative to traditional domain controlling. With the well-publicized end of life for Windows Server 2008 in January, 2020, Uplevel is presenting a new simple, inexpensive alternative for small businesses to manage their IT – WITHOUT a server, and WITHOUT the cloud! Sold exclusively through the MSP channel Uplevel is providing an integrate, easy to deploy, manage, and scale model as an all-inclusive monthly subscription.

Cybersecurity Managed Service Providers can turn a previously unprofitable SMBs profitable by offering the latest innovations without the added cost of highly technical staff or the costly infrastructure and management time. Uplevel is removing the barriers of entry for small businesses to stay managed, protected, and compliant with its IT-in-a-box services.

Since launching in 2017, Uplevel has increased the affordability and ease of small business IT infrastructure and are now introducing the Microsoft AD alternative with the Active Directory Domain Server. With Uplevel, there is no more buying, deploying and managing traditional domain servers or migrating entirely to the cloud only to be at the mercy of their internet service provider (anyone remember the Cloudflare issue in June?).

Uplevel combines the best of hardware and cloud services to provide a fast, simple and powerful on-site Domain Controller (DC) optimized for SMBs, managed from the cloud to provide a hybrid solution for customers. Required for HIPAA compliance, access auditing, and security and internal management, Uplevel’s Domain Services is changing how small businesses manage IT.

“We see many customers that need the security Microsoft’s Active Directory service delivers but don’t otherwise need application servers at every location,” says Chris Plouffe, owner of CSP Technologies, an Uplevel partner. “The Uplevel solution lets us save clients thousands of dollars and improve their security without requiring them to buy new equipment or migrate services to the cloud.”

Provided exclusively through MSPs, Uplevel’s gateways integrate the reliability of on-prem solutions with the scalability of the cloud to provide the main IT components of routing, file servers, storage, and firewall capabilities with support for voice over IP (VoIP) quality of service (QoS), Wi-Fi access points, and secure remote access (VPN).

Gateways and upgrades like Domain Services are provided on a monthly subscription and managed remotely by MSPs via the cloud. Small businesses can now stay secure, compliant, and technologically up-to-date with a fixed monthly cost including complimentary upgrades every 36 months.

The Hybrid Migration

The newly available Active Directory compatible Domain Services includes domain controlled passwords, log-ins, audit logs, and shared access to drives and other resources. For MSPs, having a simple, affordable hybrid solution for current Windows Server 2008 users and future Microsoft AD prospects offers a compelling business advantage.

“A Tier 1 technician can install the Uplevel solution in a few hours, getting customers up and running,” says Plouffe. “That represents significant cost and time savings for us compared with installing Windows Server 2019 or migrating to Azure cloud services, both of which require a high degree of proficiency with Microsoft systems. Day to day management becomes a lot easier as well because the Uplevel solution alerts us right away when something starts to go wrong and tells us what the problem is.”

For SMBs, managed IT services offer a stress-free alternative to server migration at a reasonable monthly cost while upgrading their infrastructure. MSPs are able to tackle common challenges such as call quality, reliable internet connectivity, secure remote access, and firewall upgrades – at an immediate savings of over $3,000 per site. For migration of Active Domain Directory Services functionality, Uplevel services stand to save customers up to $10,000 per site in the first year.

With Uplevel’s services, including nightly security updates, monthly enhanced features, and free equipment refreshes every three years, customers can rest easy knowing they will never have to update old equipment again. With this first of a kind hybrid Domain Services solution Uplevel is excited to change the way MSPs approach IT and the small businesses they serve.

“Since launching our product 3 years ago Domain Services capabilities are something every partner has eagerly been asking us to implement. We are thrilled to officially announce the functionality and eliminate another onsite server from small businesses.

The gateway now replaces the key functions of a small business to operate and remain compliant.” Says CEO Tom Alexander, on the new release. “This is the first time the market has seen a domain controller in the same system as a firewall and we are excited to show how hybrid solutions can change small business infrastructure.”

MSPs can now manage their customers from anywhere in the world, the same way they do the Uplevel firewall. Making working on-the-go a breeze and allows MSPs the opportunity to reduce risk of both on prem and cloud based solutions.

About Uplevel Systems

Founded on the premise that small business IT infrastructure is too complex, Uplevel Systems makes things simple. With easy installation, no up front costs and reliable, cloud managed solutions, Uplevel is taking small business enterprise infrastructure services to the next level. Contact us today to find out how SMBs are avoiding complexity by relying on Uplevel for their secure, scalable office and work from home IT network infrastructure.