The Uplevel system makes security and compliance easy by integrating everything needed for a modern business, and covering all the bases.


Cloud-Managed Firewall
  • High-performance hardware firewall with advanced features.
  • Built-in Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS).
  • Built-in Content (Domain) Filtering for content control and policy restriction.
  • Built-in Geofiltering to exclude known bad actors.
  • Continuously updated signatures to ensure always up-to-date threat protection.
Multilayer Threat Defense
  • Data encrypted at rest and in motion to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Built-in and cloud storage fully encrypted.
  • Instant data snapshots and rollback to defend against ransomware.
  • WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi prevents snoopers monitoring business data.

Fully Integrated
  • Automatically updates security settings across all offices and devices.
  • Switches and APs autoconfigure VLANs to isolate sensitive traffic.
  • Network settings follow security configuration without manual setting errors.