Core functions such as routing and switching are fully cloud-managed, creating a software-defined LAN integrated with a software-defined WAN.


Powerful DHCP and DNS Services
  • Industrial strength DHCP and DNS servers on every gateway.
  • Fully integrated with the rest of the system (including Active Directory) to simplify configuration and management.
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS) on WAN interfaces to eliminate the need to purchase static IPs.
Dual WAN Interfaces
  • Zero-config automatic failover to increase reliability by using fallback ISP connections (wired or LTE).
  • Load balancing across WAN links supported, with continuous performance measurements to optimize traffic allocation for best user experience.
  • Integrated with QoS and traffic management to provide core features of SD-WAN without the expense.
Cloud-managed Multi-site Routing
  • Automatically handles subnets, DNS, etc. for up to 32 offices per customer.
  • Simplifies subnet management, VLAN management, Wi-Fi SSID management, firewalls, site-to-site VPNs and WAN connectivity.
  • Provides integrated view of complete system on dashboard, with drill-down configuration of individual sites.