We make it easy for MSPs to monitor their customers' infrastructure and respond to issues with our intuitive yet comprehensive dashboard.


Unified Configuration
  • Configure multiple functions with a single operation.
  • Greatly simplifies setup of new customers, or response to change requests.
  • Integrated system with unified presentation speeds up common functions and reduces learning curve.
Continuous Monitoring & Alerting
  • The Uplevel system monitors over 80 different parameters and events.
  • Automatically generate notifications for many situations: equipment disconnected, Internet link lost, server down, firewall alerts, etc.
  • Notifications can be directed to e-mail, trouble ticketing systems, etc., with customized messages to simplify response.
Diagnostics Capabilities
  • Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues speed up problem resolution.
  • Run Wi-Fi scans, ISP bandwidth tests, top-talkers analyses, even simple pings to narrow down problems.
  • Notifications augment diagnostics by pointing out issues to analyze.