The storage built into the Uplevel gateway makes it simple and convenient to protect customer data.


Encrypted Storage
  • Either 1TB or of 5TB of storage built into office gateways.
  • Fully AES encrypted to guard against theft and loss.
  • Simple cloud management of network shares: create, delete or adjust shares at any time and from anywhere.
Integrated Security
  • Automatically configured firewall Access Control Lists limit access to storage based on security group.
  • Active Directory services allow per-user share access.
  • Security model carried through site-to-site and remote access VPN access, as well as LAN.
Comprehensive Backup
  • Zero-cost Local Snapshots defend against ransomware and allow recovery of deleted files or folders.
  • Encrypted cloud backup to guard against data loss or hardware failures, with included rapid replacement to minimize customer downtime.
  • Encrypted cloud archives for long-term storage or to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Extensive backup monitoring infrastructure to ensure that backups run reliably and correctly.