Our Wi-Fi access points are built from industrial strength components and optimized firmware to maximize capacity and provide seamless mobility.


Fully Secure
  • Automatically integrates with the rest of the Uplevel system: AP autodiscovery and provisioning simplifies setup and eliminates misconfiguration security holes.
  • WPA2 encryption for highest security, and auto VLAN tagging isolates traffic and prevents 'leakage' of data.
  • Fully isolated Guest network with bandwidth control.
Optimized Wi–Fi
  • Auto channel selection simplifies channel management in high-density areas.
  • Manage fleets of Wi-Fi APs across multiple offices from a single pane of glass.
  • Optionally manage RF power, channel assignments and channel width for each AP.
  • Control power and radios to manage dense deployments, and scan and diagnose Wi-Fi issues remotely.
Indoor and Outdoor Models
  • Compact and unobtrusive indoor AP blends into office decor.
  • Indoor ceiling or wall mount, with omnidirectional antennas.
  • Powerful, long-range IP65-rated outdoor AP for external coverage.
  • Outdoor pole or wall mount with external high-gain antennas.
  • All APs are standard PoE+ for simple cabling.