The system has full support for modern on-premises and hosted VoIP phones and applications.


Extensive VoIP Phone Functions
  • Automatic VLAN capabilities for daisy-chained VoIP phone/computer systems.
  • Support for common on-premises VolP servers.
  • PoE capabilities to conveniently power VolP handsets.
  • Improve VolP call quality with simplified traffic isolation and bandwidth management.
  • Fast WAN failover allows many VolP services to avoid dropping calls even if the primary WAN link goes down.
  • VLANs and traffic shaping rules automatically created for simple QoS management.
Powerful Traffic QoS Capabilities
  • Configure traffic shaping rules to prioritize and manage different kinds of traffic streams.
  • Go beyond VolP increase priority for video calls or decrease priority for data backups.
  • 'Canned' profiles for RDP, Zoom, video, etc.